soo welcome to the pretty darn crazy life of me, Sarah.

it’s kind of pathetic how excited i am to be starting my blogging journey tonight…when i should be studying…but that’s just me. all over the place as per usual. i guess i should start with WHY i am starting this blog..

my life has changed drastically this year (that’s life hah) but i thought i would make some pretty drastic changes to myself as well–currently I am making the transition to veganism (i went a little crazy on amazon recently…vegan cookbook overload. wait is there such a thing as having too many cookbooks? nahhhhh), i am training for my first triathlon (HUUUGE departure from my usual yoga dorkiness), and i adopted another puppy, bringing the grand total in my tiny just-outside of chicago apartment to two dogs–oliver and scout. they are CRAZY but i love them :0)

so yah..i’m a self-declared foodie and i cannnnot sit still…basically ever. it’s the ADD in me, which kinda contradicts my current lifestyle, which includes sitting on my butt or studying at home for my first year of med school (ALMOST DONE!!). chaotic, but worthwhile…and fun at times.

i thought it would be fun to join in on the fabulous food blog scene which i have been vigilantly stalking for a while (um google reader is sincerely a GREAT invention…and yet a horrid study aid)…so i am trying to bring together some of my loves (newfound ones and oldies but goodies) into one blog–food, tri-ing, and yoga…plus a little pupperdoo love tossed in there for good measure. fab.

so yah…basic little intro to my blog and i guess a couple parts of my life…hopefully this all goes well and you (hopefully there will ultimately be some of “you”) enjoy my contribution to this really cool community!!

oh and just to put it out there–i do not capitalize. i use WAY to many elipses. i tend to make up words. anddddd be super sarcastic. so yah…that is me. :0)